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Book Of Healing

by Rabbi James Stone Goodman

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Everywhere 03:24
I see the workers in the upper and lower waters gathering the streams into their arms. Delirious you said I love the world, did you mean all of it or some of it? I track the ascents and descents, the upper root and the lower root will find each other but don’t leave me alone. All my broken bones are whole, my broken heart too, every shard complete. I love the partial, the broken, individual, incomplete, the fragment, the wounded, I love the separate, you said, Because it integrates, and even if not, it is whole.
What To Do 04:12
Begin with the heart circle Some time into the future Wash us clean Bones blood hearts Lift our hands into the wisdom of knowing What to do Face to face, breath to breath, chest to chest Bones blood hearts chest The world heart Our heart The works of our hands Another world intruded on our own As if we prepared to receive it Lift our hands into the wisdom of knowing What to do
Rainmakers 02:27
I misunderstood the teaching when I first heard it brought down. Two were praying for rain; one famous, one unknown. The famous one made a load of prayers – no rain. The unknown erupted in a simple spontaneous voice. It rained buckets. A specially created voice was heard, the voice said: it is not because one is greater than the other, but because one listens and forgives. And the other? The other listens and forgives. Did I hear that right? Maybe it’s the listening, I thought, and the willingness to overcome your own obstacles, opening to the reality of someone else even your enemy. It’s about nothing else than growing beyond yourself. For each of us it’s the same and it’s different. There comes a time when all of us will have to move off our mark if we are to grow; make peace, make rain. Grow – that’s what the story is about. The reward is rain when there is growth. I love that: growth, then rain. The rain came because someone in this story was willing to face the challenge of life by growth, it didn’t matter which one because they weren’t enemies anyway. The world needed rain, not adversaries. Every living thing, every blade of grass, has an angel hovering over it who demands one thing: grow.
I’m alone with my shoes and still I cannot move One step and the world would cease to exist. Let my soul speak freely To my heart. Let me be wise trust wisdom Let’s be wise together. I am carrying my soul with me wherever I go Ahead a field a small house a mountain I unpack my bag. I reach in I pull up my soul It’s a mouth now a pen a stick it has taken the shape of prayers. I am speaking to you from you same voice To you from you same voice. Save me my soul Pick me up and lay me down.
I will bless you and increase you as the earth as the sands of the seashore as the sea look at the algae now the horseflies buzzing over your face I will make you as great as the algae the grasshoppers; Look up to the sky now you will be as great as the stars as the darkness; The sand and the sea and the stars the mud and the dark and the green the sticky stuff on the surf the early rains and later rains; The mud the mud the green the sand the dark The mud the mud the green the sand the dark. You will be a blessing as great as the dark as the sea the sand the green the flies; Instruments of the working out of all things partial becoming whole; Schooled by nothing loftier than the poetry of our own lives We are writing the book of healing.
Filter and fiber Your blood bones soul Make tea often; Small things opening onto large things Everything opening; Rooted serenity Let peace rise from the kitchen; Peace is the engine of beauty Let us repair the world from our seats at the tables We want peace and we want it now; Send me a sign Starving for it; For everything that issues from Your mouth Let peace rise from the kitchen; The poetry of our own lives Our hearts cling cling cling Our hearts unzipped; We will receive each of us to our own capacity This journey of secret destinations; G*d entered through our wounds -- The last place we expected;
The highest freedom The flight of thought My soul releases inky treasures Rivers of honey and butter Give the spirit its aspiration The soul is always singing Deeper the claims made by the soul Draw out the darkness in jewels The harmonizing voice Over the head pouring oil All spirit all action all feeling Every moving thing The harmonizing voice The one that unites Hidden within all of us All worlds all creatures all raised up Over the head Pouring
Elegy 04:05
The sounds that stay with me, the residue. The angels delighting in irreverence. Like all of us, unlike all of us. How many lives did you have? Human being of flesh and bone, I am a human being of flesh and bone. When we are good we are lovable. When we are not-so-good we are lovable. Rest in peace warrior of epic struggles, powerful in your lights, powerful in your darks. O G*d, what is this crazy existence, we can be so – Send me a sign, send me a sign. Take our beloveds back to the Source, welcome them. Don’t measure any of us by anything more than you measure all of us. They loved squeezed loved squeezed loved squeezed life, and moved through the best they could. Forgive me for being me. Have a little mercy for the rest of us working the vineyards here, we’re wildly imperfect but you have to love us for that. You created us whole with broken parts. You know who this is, fellow pilgrim on the road from and to, from and to, to and from – Created whole with broken parts. Amen.
O Me, O My 02:18
We aspire to raise a spark Gather the scattered letters Cast them across the page O me O my The dew of the highest light -- choose O me O my Amen -- praying today The edges will not overwhelm I delight in every edge O Earth I’m going to work you today A world absorbs Spirit rising from low places The soul is always singing In every idea -- a buzz Read to me I see us all in a circle around G*d I broke my soul one night It fell out my nostrils onto the floor Recalled home I mattered in four (Make that five) measures of dignity
Surprise Me 02:56
Surprise me, lift me off somewhere new, send me on a roundabout way. Make it an uncommon journey -- one I might not have taken if not for you. Too far out I might not go with you. Don’t make it too familiar either. Use your own words, the ones that tumble in your head. Don’t tell me too much. Smuggle in an organizing notion, a re-visioning. Sneak it past me, sneak it past the line of defense. You speak right around them. Be thoughtful, push your ideas the best you can. Be a thinker, a sweet singer of the unconventional soul. Please, I’m speaking to you. You saw me when I came looking. Come learn with me, you will be my student, I will be your teacher. No first no second no success No failure no me no you Walk the track Yearning for something that seems impossible They all laughed at us These foolish ideas There’s nothing outside the camp tonight That cannot be brought within.


Shalvah Outreach on Addictions
Jewish Prison Outreach (JPO)
Jewish Attention to Mental Illness Mental Health (JAMI)


released July 24, 2013

Words and Vocals By James Stone Goodman
Music Composed By Capo
Proudced By Brothers Lazaroff
Final Mixing and Mastered By Jacob Detering @Red Pill Entertainment
CD Design and Layout By J.J. Campbell
Cover Photography By Todd Weinstein
Inside Photography By Jarred Gastreich

In Loving Memory of Leslie Gutter


all rights reserved



Rabbi James Stone Goodman St. Louis, Missouri

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